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This New York bowl is 17cm diameter. Once the buildings have been hand pierced in order to build up the beautiful golden layers the bowl is then enamelled at around 800 degress.


In 2004 I completed the New York City marathon.  I'd like to say it was fun - but it really wasn't fun.  It is a city that I love, a city that I've wept for and a city which can't be ignored.  It takes longer to pierce this bowl than it took for me to complete the marathon (and I'm a slow runner) but I think it's worth it - I hope you do to!

New York, New York.

  • All of my commissioned artworks are made to order and may vary slightly from the original. If there are any details which you'd like to be included in your piece then don't hestitate to get in touch - I really enjoy giving pieces a personalised touch.

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