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The Observatory is approximately 20cm tall and 6cm wide (6 cm deep).  A couple of years ago, my husband, dog and I were watching the weather forecast when the weatherman said that the International Space Station would be going overhead in about 10 minutes.  It was a clear night so out we went to see.  Indeed we did see the bright light moving through the heavens - we waved (well I did) and I imagined that the folks on board would be waving back too.  Afterwards when we could see it no more we discussed how we'd like to have our very own observatory.  This is how I imagined our Observatory would look - of course the dog would have to come too!

The Observatory

  • All of my commissioned artworks are made to order and may vary slightly from the original. If there are any details which you'd like to be included in your piece then don't hestitate to get in touch - I really enjoy giving pieces a personalised touch.

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